TPP receives assurance from NHS Digital for point of care vaccination solution

TPP has developed a point of care solution which allows users to directly record COVID-19 vaccinations into SystmOne. Building on TPP’s existing experience delivering point of care functionality for vaccinations against other diseases, this development will aid users in the mass roll out of COVID-19 vaccinations and support health services as they navigate through this stage of the pandemic response.

TPP assured for API helping to implement 111 First

TPP recently completed assurance through NHS Digital for the NHS Booking Standard API. This development means SystmOne now supports the national FHIR API that allows any 111 service to book a patient into an appointment in an emergency department (ED) or urgent treatment centre (UTC), regardless of what clinical system either service runs on.

Communications Annexe Functionality

TPP has developed new functionality within SystmOne to enhance communication between clinicians and patients. The solution comprises four different elements; the Communications Annexe, Bulk Messaging capability, Patient Replies, and Electronic MED3.

SystmOne ‘Internet First’ and Isosec Virtual Smartcards: Improving the remote working experience for healthcare providers

NHS Digital recently accredited Isosec’s Virtual Smartcard solution under their new Assurance Framework, which will allow users broader access to advanced clinical functions. A combination of SystmOne’s Internet First innovation and Isosec’s Virtual Smartcard solution will create a more accessible and efficient working-from-home experience for our users. These solutions will authorise remote access to clinical applications, without the need for an encrypted internet connection or a physical smartcard as previously required

New functionality to support Covid-19 vaccinations

TPP has developed new functionality within SystmOne to facilitate the delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations. Our solution can assist with the three distinct phases of vaccine delivery: cohort identification, appointment booking and point of care vaccine delivery. All of these tools will be made available within the existing SystmOne product for all of our users at no additional cost.

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust benefits from implementing SystmOne AutoPlanner

In 2020, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) launched SystmOne’s AutoPlanner for its Community Nursing services. The Trust, which employs nearly 6000 staff and is the main provider of Community Care across Brighton, Hove, East and West Sussex, is also spearheading a Cross Trust AutoPlanner Network, helping participating Trusts to learn from the experiences of other users.

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust produce a Medicines Dashboard for their Mental Health Services

Staff working for Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) mental health services have utilised SystmOne’s Clinical Development Kit, producing a Medicines Dashboard to put essential information at the fingertips of staff. The dashboard, produced through the core clinical development functionality available within all SystmOne modules, has been designed to meet the specific needs of the Trust’s Mental Health Services.

Multiple trusts deploy SystmOne Mental Health in 2020

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP), Leicester Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) and Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) all went into deployment or rolled out the SystmOne Mental Health module in the second half of 2020.

TPP first to gain approval for national rollout of GP Connect – Access Record: Structured (Medication and Allergies Data)

As part of our ongoing work with NHS Digital on the GP Connect project, TPP is proud to be the first supplier to achieve a full national rollout for Access Record: Structured (Medication and Allergies Data). All NHS organisations currently using SystmOne in England will now benefit from this new interoperability capability.