Using SystmOne’s AI predictive DNA algorithm improves clinic attendance by 30%

Using SystmOne’s AI predictive DNA algorithm improves clinic attendance by 30%

TPP has developed machine learning models designed to predict the likelihood of patients not attending their appointments. When these models are deployed, patients are categorised based on their likelihood of being absent. Practice staff can then utilise tools like SystmOne’s Communication Annexe to contact these patients and send reminders, all in an effort to enhance attendance rates.

We spoke with Karen Bell, the Surgery Manager at Trinity and Bowthorpe Practice. This GP service runs across two locations in the Norfolk region, serving over 11,000 patients.

Karen advised that high DNA (Did Not Attend) rates, have been a persistent issue causing frustration among both patients and staff. Patients are often disgruntled due to difficulty in securing timely appointments. It has been disheartening for the practice to lose valuable clinic time to patients who simply did not show up.

To address this challenge, Trinity and Bowthorpe Practice applied to trial the SystmOne DNA probability report, commencing their pilot project on July 1st. Karen elaborated on their daily routine, saying, “We run the DNA report every day and then send SMS messages to those patients flagged as red or amber risk of not attending. These messages are sent at 5 pm, the evening before their scheduled appointments.”

Karen shared the remarkable success they achieved since integrating the tool into their workflow. “Since we started using the report, we’ve seen our DNA rate decrease by 30%, equating to hundreds of appointments since the start of the pilot.”

Looking ahead, Karen and her team are actively considering a proactive approach to further mitigate DNA rates. She elaborated, “We are contemplating reaching out to those patients who frequently miss appointments and may request them to contact the practice the day before their appointment to confirm their attendance.

Dr Chris Bates, Director of Research & Analytics at TPP, said, “This is a brilliant exemplar of what machine learning will bring to healthcare, helping to tackle real problems for frontline teams and patients. There’s been too much hype about AI in healthcare and not enough delivery – we’re changing this”. Dr Bates added, “The DNA algorithm is just the start – we have a suite of AI solutions about to launch, focussed on the NHS’s key clinical and operations priorities”.

TPP are soon to be making the DNA AI report available to more organisations.

This week TPP also announced SystmConnect that will further build upon these AI capabilities.