Child Health

Child Health

SystmOne Child Health manages every aspect of child health from birth to adulthood. Clinicians can view and add information to the electronic record, sharing this with GP practices to provide connected healthcare for children. SystmOne Child Health incorporates key functionality including flexible scheduling, new patient identifiers for babies, reporting and blood spot integration.

National Events Management Service (NEMS)

  • Publish, subscribe to and receive events
  • Send NEMS messages including Professional record Contacts and Vaccinations
  • Subscribe to the following events:
    • Birth Notifications
    • Death Notifications
    • Change of Address
    • Change of GP
    • Bloodspot test result
    • NIPE result
    • Vaccinations
    • Professional Contacts

If you are an existing Child Health service using SystmOne and would like to be enabled for NEMS please submit your request to

Digital Child Health

  • National programme to allow integration between Child Health systems
  • Allows for effective sharing of information on key aspects of patient history, such as vaccinations
  • Provides users with a comprehensive understanding of a patients needs


  • Receive registration information and NHS numbers of newborns electronically from maternity wards
  • Automatically create a brand new record for each newborn

Flexible Scheduling

  • Create fully customisable schedules with varying priorities and timed slots
  • Automatically generate appointments for immunisations and health checks


  • SystmOne facilitates the seamless transition of vaccinations from child health teams to GP practices, and vice versa
  • Allows for patient records to be consistently up to date
  • Enables accurate CHS scheduling


  • Use reports to easily evaluate completed work
  • Track individual children, specific demographic groups, or children with certain conditions
  • Track missing patients or missing vaccinations and send reminders in bulk
  • Share all of your report templates with other professionals within the organisation

Bulk Operations

  • Users can complete large bulky actions using a streamlined upload tool
  • A wide range of upload tools, such as blood spot, NIPE screening, bulk deductions and school transfers

Configurable Stationary

  • Allows users to link specific action groups being performed at particular treatment centres, to unique locally configured stationary forms

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