Event – Brigid

Brigid – TPP’s Clinician App

Brigid is TPP’s clinician app, fully integrated with SystmOne to put key information and functionality at clinicians’ fingertips. The app, developed alongside clinicians, continues TPP’s work giving staff better understanding of their workload and the needs of their patients. Whether providing easy-to-access patient and task lists, ensuring vital observations are recorded or allowing communications with patients on our patient-facing app, Airmid, Brigid puts key SystmOne functionality directly into the hands of clinicians.

The following page provides an overview of functionality available within the app.

Customisable Lists

Easily access patient and task lists

Patient List

Easily view patients within a ward or surgery, with key information colour-coded for easy comprehension.

  • View patients in either an ordered list or a ward-style view
  • Split lists into various categories, such as escalated patients
  • Choose to view lists for specific locations, specialities or patient types
  • Specify what key patient information is shown and how it is shown
  • At organisations without locations, use a search box to manually find a registered patient

Task List

  • Create, view and action tasks
  • Syncs with all tasks on full SystmOne for easy access and recording
  • Customise task view and filter tasks

Patient Overview

If using Brigid in secondary care, tap on a patient in lists to access the patient overview, which includes

  • Collapsible demographics box
  • Ward location & photo
  • Alerts
  • Ward stay notes – add & view
  • Red/green bed day status
  • Escalations
  • Scheduled observations

Complete Record Access

View a patient’s full record, adding notes visible both in Brigid and on SystmOne, with information including:

Consultation notes
Medication History
Vaccination History
Allergy/Drug Sensitivities
Procedure History
Correspondence e.g. Referral/Discharge letters
Pathology/Radiology Reports
Health data from their personal device


Brigid helps clinicians easily schedule, record, view and
escalate a wide range of observations

Schedule Observations

  • Select and schedule specific observations for individual patients, setting observation frequency for repeat observations
  • Utilise SystmOne’s Workflow Support Engine through the app to automatically schedule observations
  • Set up automatic reminders for due or overdue observations

Record Observations

  • Pre-configure templates and scoring groups
  • Easily record into data-entry templates or receive readings from external vital signs monitors
  • Score results are automatically calculated

View Observations

  • View charts for an overview and tap specific entries for greater detail
  • Customise what information is shown and in what range
  • Change to grid view for concise viewing or graph view for a full set of observations at a glance

Escalate Observations

If an observation score is too high, Brigid can automatically escalate the case to those higher up, schedule more observations and include a THINK SEPSIS warning.

Escalation functionality includes:

  • Automatic notifications sent to those the case is escalated to
  • Easily update escalation details
  • Timeout feature – if the escalation is not responded to within a locally-defined time period, it is sent to the next available recipient
  • Manually escalate or override actions if necessary