SystmOne GP: Support

SystmOne GP: Support

SystmOne’s Core offering includes a comprehensive support package to assist users with any queries they may have. Its FAQs functionality provides users with a list of commonly-asked questions and responses, with the aim of troubleshooting any potential issues or answering common training queries.

Designated forums give users the opportunity to post system-related topics to other users. They are aimed at the sharing of knowledge and ideas, and allow users to update topics with any findings.

Learning notes included within the system allow users to create a resource of topics and evidence, which can assist in annual GP reviews. These can be viewed, amended or deleted, and are stored in a logical and convenient manner.

Further support is provided through the resource library, a public space within SystmOne where users can search for and elect to use externally-created resources. These include data entry templates, questionnaires, protocols, reports, views, and world letter templates, which can then be publicly rated.

The Resource Management capability supports reporting of practice information, resources, staff members and related organisations. This facilitates improvements in efficiency, and it is complemented by local network monitoring capabilities, through which SystmOne assists users in diagnosing and resolving issues with their own local networks.

Satisfies NHS capabilities:

o FAQs
o Forums
o Learning Notes
o Resource Library
o Resource Management
o Local Network Monitoring Capabilities